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February 12, 1999


This weekend Lafayette will be cybercasting a special service.  Below is the message I received from (Dr.) Tony Pacelli:

I had my patient a telephone engineer hookup another line for what we need in order to have our questions & answers section work smoothly.  We have a line for the computer that does RealAudio and we have a second computer & line just for the ICQ chat channel now. We will give anyone who wishes to ask a question, two options. 1. ICQ Chat Channel; 2. Email address. Three of us will be coordinating this task. Guy will be answering the questions via RealAudio, Ben will be working the second computer, I will be the moderator of the questions hopefully to help all go smoothly between.

As You Guested,
SERMON: Guy Swenson
Title: Resolving Conflict Series - Setting The Emotional Climate

Enemies are a challenge to handle.  When a spouse or family member is a worst enemy, it is vital to know what steps need to be taken to resolve the conflict.  You might be surprised to learn what the Bible says about dealing with conflict -- and your worst enemies.  In this message, Guy Swenson shows how to handle situations where the other person wants to fight and what to do when the walls have gone up and communication lines are down.

Afterward, stay tuned for a special online question and answer session.   Questions can be emailed to gswenson@7words.com and the responses will be broadcast over your Real Audio connection.  You can also access a special online ICQ chat room and submit your questions there.  You can find out how to access the chat room by following this link ( www.7words.com/ucg/entrance.html).

==== End of Lafayette message =====

Sounds really good!  I am excited seeing other congregations using the internet in such creative ways!  As a special service for the internet (this week Lafayette's regular service is at 2:30 due to a planned potluck) I hope a lot of you tune in and then send Guy LOTS of questions about the sermon topic... or anything else.

This weekend Spokane is hosting a Northwest Teen Event.  I will be conducting the Bible Study at 10:30 PST Saturday Morning on Building Relationships, then Glen White and Larry Delong will be splitting the sermon time in the afternoon at 1:30 PST.  See the CGCA schedule page http://www.cgca.net/cgca/SchedCyber.html for more details.  Both the Bible Study and the Services will be cybercast.

A question was recently asked me if the Cincinnati Internet Seminar on Saturday March 6th is the same as the Cybercasting session proposed for Monday, March 8th.  The answer is no.  Saturday night will be addressing more of Who is doing What, How it is being Done, and What more we can be Doing, Future Plans, etc.  It will include multiple speakers and a panel for q & a. It will probably last a minimum of two hours.  The session on Monday will only address cybercasting and be much shorter.  Information in that session will include hand outs for the minister to take back to the hands-on person in the congregation.

That's all for now from Montana!  I wish you all a wonderful Sabbath!

Warm Regards,
Dan Deininger

Subj: CGCA & Cybercast News
Date: 2/4/99 9:26:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: dand@ixi.net (Dan Deininger)

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Another busy week is nearly over.  Val & I really enjoyed attending the UCG Regional Conference outside Eugene Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  It was very informative and a good opportunity to get to know other elders in the Northwest.  I was afforded the opportunity to speak for about 10 minutes (along with Mark Mickelson for 5 minutes) on Cybercasting and then answer questions for another 15 minutes.  There is much interest in the use of cybercasting!  Also was able to have some good conversations with a fellow techie - Rich Oettle... especially on how to tactfully promote the use of cybercasting.

Just before leaving for the NW Conference I received approval to have an Internet Seminar the evening of March 6th in Cincinnati.  This will be a non-official activity of the UCG GCE Annual conference and will be open to all (ie not just elders)that would like to attend.  Details have not been worked out but I hope to cover who is doing what on the internet (church-wise) during the first half (one hour) and then more of a technical how-to the second hour.  I hope to have a panel of speakers.  (So far the only one who I have asked is Vic Kubik, and if his schedule is open he is very excited about participating.)  More information will be coming.

Next weekend we will be in Spokane for the UCG Family Weekend.  Will be meeting with others actively involved with CGCA on Saturday night and discussing dealing with the growing demand for the cybercast.  If you are there and interested, you are welcome to attend.

This week end live cybercasts will be coming from Lafayette, Indiana and Spokane, Washington.  Please check the cgca.net cybercast page or the ucg-mt.org cybercast page for more details tomorrow evening or early Sabbath morning. &nbs;p(I have been swamped with getting caught up on "paying" projects since returning from the conference... it has been a short week.)

This Sabbath I will be in Great Falls.  I WILL be here in Helena early in the am to help with the Lafayette Cybercast if needed, tho.  (Spent some time tonight with (Dr) Tony Pacelli making sure everything was working - guess there were still some glitches last weekend.)  This weekend there will be
split sermons:
A. Mike Grovak "This Is How The Law Applies To Us
B. Tom Peine "How Do You Respond To God's Government"
I don't have the topic from Spokane.

Thank you all for your prayers for Brandon Dinwiddie, the little grandson of Richard and Darlene Dix here in Helena.  He was able to come home from the hospital and is now doing much better.

That's all for now.  Have a great Sabbath.. where ever you are!

Warm Regards,
Dan Deininger

Subj: CGCA Cybercast News
Date: 1/28/99 9:20:45 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: dand@ixi.net (Dan Deininger)

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January 28, 1999
Helena, Montana


Wow! Another week has flown by!

Word continues to spread about the cybercast!  Each week we seem to be picking up new listeners.  It is indeed heartwarming to read the email from those who have not been able to attend services for varius reasons.. as they share their delight in being able to participate and be a part of a live service.  If you have or know of home bound families in your area, please make them aware of this service.

With the cybercast from Lafayette last weekend we had our first cyberattendees from England.. so we have now reached beyond North America.   (!) And they said the reception was very good and clear.  Lafayette will be cybercasting on a fairly regular basis from now on, so we should be able to continue to reach toward Europe.  (I now updated the cybercast page on ucg-mt.org or cgca.net web sites for actual times. At this time I do not have sermon topics or speakers.

For those of you who tried to listen to Lafayette last weekend, there were technical difficulties we were not able to resolve at the Lafayette site till about 40 minutes after services started.  (I could see through the monitoring software that many were trying to connect and couldn't.. and eventually stopped trying.)  Once we did get the problems resolved, we still had 17 connections for most of Guy Swenson's sermon.

For some unknown reason there were problems with the last portion of the cybercast from Kennewick (via Spokane), last weekend, too.  If you kept losing the connection, you weren't the only one.  It was happening to me, too, and I am connected directly to the server ISP here in Helena.

That's all for now.  I hope you are all doing well wherever you are.  Have a good Sabbath.. and I'll be writing again next week.

Warm Regards from Montana,

Dan Deininger

Subj: CGCA Cybercast News -Jan 22,99
Date: 1/22/99 12:14:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: dand@ixi.net (Dan Deininger)

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I hope this finds you all doing well and staying warm.  We have had another exciting week.  As a result of Vic Kubik's cybercast two weeks ago when he was snowed in the Lafayette, Indiana congregation is going to begin cybercasting their Sabbath morning services.  I just finished testing with (Dr.)Tony Pacelli and George Williams.  They will be encoding and dialing directly to the server in Helena to eliminate buffering and net congestion.

The Lafayette service will begin at 10:30 am Eastern, (9:30 am central, 8:30 am mountain, and 7:30 am pacific). Until the Lafayette home page adds a link for the cybercast link to this service via http://ucg-mt.org cybercast page.   The main message this week will be given by elder Guy Swenson entitled "A New Testement Look at Submission".

At 12 noon Mountain (11 am Pacific, 1 pm central, 2 pm eastern) I will be cybercasting our home service here in Helena.  My message will be on "Overcoming", using a number of points made by members of one of the forums I am on.  That service will also be via http://ucg-mt.org.

At 1:30 pm Pacific (2:30 pm mountain, 3:30 central, 4:30 eastern) services will be cybercast from Spokane.  I haven't heard the speaker or topic.. although I expect it to be Mark Mickelson.  You can listen to that service via the http://ucg-spokane.org web site.

Please continue to spread the word about the cybercasts.  At present we have capacity for 60 streams.  Last sabbath Spokane had 24 connections.  The week before Vic Kubik had 28 and Spokane had 26.   ..so we still have capacity for more listeners.  Some of these listeners were due to the cancellation of services due to harsh winter weather.

If you are not a subscriber to CGCA Cybercast News and would like to receive this direct to your mail box, please send me an email request ( mailto:dand@ixi.net).   If you would like to know more about the Churches of God Cyber Auxiliary you can do so by going to http://cgca.net.  Allen Hirst from Spokane has been maintaining and updating it.

Also new this week, Peter Eddington of the UCG home office began to upload some sermons to the cgca server.  Those links can be found on the http://www.ucg.org site off the literature page.

For those that were asking about times of the services in Cincinnati March 6th, they will be at 1 pm Eastern.  That would be 12 noon central, 11 am mountain, and 10 am pacific.

That's all for now!  Send us some email and let us know how the cybercast comes in.  Also feel free to email the individuals speaking and give them feedback and additional comments on their messages.

Warm Regards,
Dan Deininger

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Subj: CGCA Cybercast News
Date: 1/15/99 7:20:23 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: dand@ixi.net (Dan Deininger)

Hello Cyber Friends!

It has been a busy and tiring week here in Montana.  One of the highlights was a visit by Glen & Connie White on Tuesday night and a bible study we had with the two other families here in the Helena area.  The next time he comes over for a Bible Study we will announce it here and cybercast it.  We also spent time discussing Glen doing cybercasts from the Post Falls, Idaho congregation or from Lewiston, Idaho.  They meet at the same time we do here in Helena and Great Falls and so that would fill in the gaps when I am in Great Falls where we cannot cybercast.

The schedule for tomorrow is services from Spokane ( http://ucg-spokane.org) at 1:30 pm Pacific.  [2:30 Mountain, 3:30 Central, 4:30 Eastern] The sermon will be given by visiting pastor ROGER FOSTER from Phoenix, Arizona area.   His topic is related to the Book of Revelation (I don't have an exact title.)

We are getting interest about having more services cybercast.  Next week Vic Kubik will again be cybercasting from LaFayette, Indiana... at 10:30 Eastern.  This time he will use a phone hook up to Helena to reduce net congestion.  Coming through the sound system should improve the audio quality over last time, too.  At present it looks like LaFayette will be cybercasting twice a month.  Other areas looking into it, to name a few are Hawaii, Akron, Ohio, and North Idaho.

I would also like to share an excerpt from the UCG COE Meeting report of January 14th:

"Cybercasting the annual meeting

The Council then gave unanimous consent to a proposal from Dan Deininger, an elder in Montana, to set up an Internet system by which the annual meeting can be cybercast to elders unable to attend.  "By making the audio portion of all sessions available over a password protected Internet web site, many elders will be able to participate -- even if not physically in Cincinnati -- at a very reasonable cost," Mr. Deininger wrote in his presentation.  The cybercast, which will be available to a maximum of 59 locations, will supplement, not replace, the telephone hookup for the official session.   The $1,000 budget for this project will pay for all the costs, including Mr. Deininger's expenses. An additional benefit, several Council members noted, is that in the world of burgeoning communication avenues, this will provide a strong test for a new option that could be used in other ways as well.  For example, Mr. Deininger has already coordinated Sabbath and Feast services cybercasts in the last two years.   Priority for this service will most likely be given to international areas.  Other details for implementing the plan must also still be worked out, and they will be communicated to the GCE as soon as they are finalized."

This means we will also be cybercasting services that Sabbath (March 6th) from Cincinnati.  I also believe elsewhere in the report it says they will be providing phone hookups for that service.  That may be to congregations.. I don't know.  IF you are a regular cybercast listener, please let me know if you want to be connected on March 6th.  It is my expectation that we may "max out" our capacity for that service.

Meanwhile Allen Hirst and I have been working on ways we can increase our capacity.  It will be a big step, but one that at the present growth rate, we need to be working on.

I hope you all have a profitable and restful Sabbath!  I and my family will be in Great Falls.

Warm Regards,


Subj: CGCA Cybercast News FLASH!
Date: 1/8/99 10:42:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: dand@ixi.net (Dan Deininger)

Greetings Everyone!!!

I hope this finds you all doing well and keeping warm!

Last week we had a record number of connections to the cybercast - 31 connections to the combined Bible Study and Services in Spokane!!! This week we may have even more.. if enough people get this message.

Mark Mickelson WILL be cybercasting tomorrow at the regular time via the UCG - Spokane web site http://www.ucg-spokane.org.   His subject will be "The Return of Jesus Christ".   Spokane services are at 1:30 pm PACIFIC time zone, 2:30 pm Mountain, 3:30 pm Central, 4:30 pm Eastern.

Also this Sabbath, January 9th, UCG elder VICTOR KUBIK will be cybercasting services from his home in Indianapolis, Indiana due to local services being cancelled due to snow.  Vic & I probably spent 3 hours on the phone today working out the details of getting his computer ready to do the cybercast.  What is exciting is that since he will be doing the cybercast from his home he will be able to take online questions and answer them.  In the first part of his services he will talk about the Ukraine, Estonia, the COE meetings coming up, and using the Internet.   He will take questions on those topics via email to ( mailto:vic@kubik.org) or via irc chat on the #ucg channel on austnet.  I will also be taking mail ( mailto:dand@ixi.net) and posting it to the irc channel.  This will be a FIRST.. so bear with us as we work out the details.  Victor's sermon topic is "What is a Christian".   Following the sermon, he will again take questions, this time on the sermon he just gave.  Both Victor and I are excited about being able to try this.  Your participation will help make it a success!

To catch his cybercast, go to http://www.ucg-mt.org/html/cybercast.html and click on the LIVE cybercast link.  The service will be AT 12 NOON EASTERN Time Zone, 11 am Central, 10 am Mountain, and 9 am Pacific.

I am sorry for the late notice, but we did not work out the final details until tonite.  It all started with Vic sending me a email message asking for information on Mark Mickelson's Cybercast from Spokane.   So this all happened just today.

As a result of this, I will NOT be cybercasting from Helena tomorrow.   (I will be listening to Vic and providing technical support from here thru out the cybercast.  Plus I did not want to overlap with Vic's Q & A session after services.)

A reminder, Allen Hirst is regularly updating the http://cgca.net home page and it contains a schedule of cybercasts as well as information on CGCA.

One final note.  The proposal to cybercast the UCG GCE conference and the Sabbath services just prior to that will be considered at this weeks COE meetings in Tyler, Texas.  I will keep you posted on the results.   (Your prayers for God's direction in this decision would be appreciated.)

I hope you all have a great Sabbath where ever you are!

Warm Regards from Montana,
Dan Deininger

Subj: CGCA Cybercast News
Date: 1/1/99 5:18:26 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: dand@ixi.net (Dan Deininger)


I hope this finds you all doing well and keeping warm.  I have been keeping very busy this week.  Have also been Mr. Dad as the kids have been home for Xmas vacation.  Except Dana - he went to Portland for the NW Weekend... and stayed for the week.  Sounds like he has had a wonderful time.

Last week we were able to listen to the cybercast from Portland. It was very clear.. and two EXCELLENT messages.  From what I could tell we had about 14 different locations connect and estimate that would have been over 30 people listening.  The server has a 60 stream capacity so we could get many more on at this time.  If you know of others that could use this service, please let them know about it.  Regular cybercast schedules are posted on http://cgca.net as well as the http://ucg-spokane.org and http://ucg-mt.org web sites.

In discussions with Dennis Luker after services about the cybercast Allen Hirst was asked to prepare a proposal for him to present to the COE on how UCG could cybercast more services.  We'll let you know how that progresses.    If you have comments you would like to make about the value of the cybercast you can send them to Dennis Luker at dennis_luker@ucg.org or to Vic Kubik at vic@kubik.org.   By the way, Victor Kubik has put a number of sermons online on his web site. They can be found at http://www.kubik.org/audio/.

The decision as to whether or not to cybercast the Elders Conference in Cincinnati will be made later this month by the COE meetings in Tyler.   After that decision I will know whether I'll be going back to attend and cybercast or not.   I also will then know if we'll be able to cybercast the sabbath services that weekend.   I also hope I'll be able to train some individuals in how to do the cybercast on a regular basis from there.  I'll keep you posted as I hear more.

Tomorrow we will be in Great Falls if the roads aren't too bad. Since we can't cybercast from Great Falls the only option tomorrow will be Spokane.. but they will be having a Bible Study and a sabbath service.

Below is a message I just sent out to two other forums I am on (church related).  It contains the information on tomorrow's services:

Greetings from Montana!

With cold weather and snow hitting much of the nation, I have heard of one church area that may cancel services, and expect that there are many others that may also cancel.   With that in mind I wanted to make you aware of the cybercast schedule for January 2, 1999.

Bible Study from Spokane -
Mark Mickelson: Ancient Israel- Return from Captivity
12 noon PST, 1 pm MST, 2 pm CST, 3 pm EST

Sabbath Services from Spokane -
Mark Mickelson: "Choose Life"
1:30 pm PST, 2:30 pm MST, 3:30 CST, 4:30 EST

You can connect to these services at http://ucg-spokane.org.

You will need RealPlayer (version 5.0) installed on your computer.

Happy Sabbath! Hope you all stay warm.


Val (my lovely wife) just came to tell me the weather channel is showing terrible winter conditions in the central part of the nation.   I also got another email while writing this from an elder in Michigan saying they may be cancelling services there due to the weather.   So, with services in some areas being cancelled, we may set some new records for cybercast attendance.

Till next time,
Dan Deininger

CGCA Cybercast News, December 24, 1998


This weekend we will again have two services cybercast live:

Helena, MT @ 12 noon MST, 11 am Pacific, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern
Speaker: Dan Deininger
Subject: Book of Exodus
Link Site: http://ucg-mt.org.

PORTLAND, OR at 2 pm Pacific, 3 pm Mountain, 4 pm Central, 5 pm Eastern
Speakers: Mark Mickelson and Denny Luker.
Link Site: http://ucg-spokane.org
They will be speaking at the Northwest Weekend Services. For those of you outside of the Northwest, this is the annual winter break Teen Event. Allen Hirst is going over from Spokane and he will be doing the cybercast, working in cooperation with Chip Chuprinko. Some of you may recall that Chip helped at the Feast in Kelowna this past year. Chip also has put the video of the Northwest Telecast online at http://ucg-tomorrow.org.

NOTE: I have just heard that there may be a problem getting a phone line to use at the school they use for services... your prayers for this would be appreciated! Will keep you posted as I find out more myself.

I have also proposed cybercasting the UCG Ministerial Conference in March. Although the conference is for UCG elders only, if the proposal is accepted I also hope to cybercast the Sabbath services March 6th, 1999 from the conference location (either Cincinnati or Louisville). I am not sure when I will have a definite answer on this.  It is my hope that I will be able to show some others back east how we do the cybercast, so we can possibly find two additional services we could cybercast at 10 am eastern and 12 noon eastern. That would bring us to a total of 4 services each sabbath.

Last week when I gave the bible study on the book of Matthew, I encourgaged listeners to send comments via email.  That had time delays.  I am curious...how many of you use IRC also known as Internet Chat? It is much more "real time" and would allow for more inteaction in an online bible study. Please let me know if you use IRC Chat.

That's all from here. Hope you are all staying warm!

Warm regards!