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What is Serf Publishing, Inc.?

Right knowledge and understanding are vital keys for success in all fields of human endeavor whether they be personal health, happiness and relationships; job, business and career; or group, national or international affairs.

The founder, having lived at the time of the great depression and through world war II to the present has personally seen the desperate need for right knowledge and understanding throughout his life and experience within family, communities, our beloved nation, and the world at large.

Personal experiences growing up and in education, on jobs, in agriculture, science, medicine and humanities, in business, military service, government service, teaching, research and consulting have often been a grievous and painful teacher. Through it all the founder has learned that, even with all the knowledge gained through experience, education, and all of man's research and knowledge, there remained a missing dimension in man's knowledge and abilities to solve the problems facing mankind. That missing dimension is the knowledge revealed by the Creator! Learning the shocking truth that we are living in a world on the precipice of a chemical, biological, nuclear World War III while assigned to top secret projects with the U.S. Army Chemical Corps' biological warfare laboratories during the "cold war" era of the 60's was the catalyst in bringing the glaring realities of this missing dimension to light.

Serf Publishing, Inc. was founded to discover and promote the true knowledge revealed by the Creator in the Bible, and through man's sciences, that is desperately needed by all men to be truly successful in this life and for the future of all humanity. SERF, meaning a servant, was incorporated in 1996 as a non-profit corporation - a Self Education Research Foundation - to serve and encourage those who are seeking true success and the answers to the important questions facing humanity - those who want to make a difference and improve their own lives and the lives of others. With the right education everyone could achieve a good life and make a contribution to the welfare of humanity and this world. We at Serf Publishing would like to help you and this world reach those goals. As God said in the Scriptures through His apostle John,

"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers" (3 John 2)

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Looking for answers to life's important questions and problems?

How you can succeed in your marriage, family and other personal relationships, achieve business and financial security and have a fulfilling life?
Check out the "Keys for Successful Living" files!

How's your health, got problems? Want to take charge of your health and your life? Need help to understand your health alternatives? Don't know where to go for answers?
Go to "The Health Connection" files!

What is the meaning and purpose for your life? Why were you born? Why do you have to die? When you or loved ones die, what comes after that?
The answers are found in the "Mystries of Salvation" files!

Is the Bible truth or fiction? Does God exist? What are the proofs? Can you get in contact with God? How?
For answers take a look at the files on the "Mysteries of the Bible"and the "Mysteries of God" menus!

Interested in the mysteries of science but confused about the apparent discrepancies between science and the Bible?
Check out the "Mysteries of Science" menu!

Can agriculture and the environment sustain the world's growing population? Can we solve the pollution problems before they destroy us? How? What can you do? Need help in your farming or gardening?
Peruse the Research files on "Food and Sustainable Agriculture!"

Intrigued by history and Biblical prophecies, but can't understand them in the light of today's news?
Go to the files on "News, History and Prophecy!"

The education and research publications copyrighted by Serf Publishing are a work of love by the authors and editors with the help of contributors and are FREE to the public serving to provide knowledge and understanding to benefit as many as possible.

We hope the articles, reports and study materials and links being developed and presented here will help you find the answers you need for a happy successful life and future.

Please be patient with us. Serf Publishing is endeavoring to put together and publish the large amounts of research materials and reports we have available to help you find the answers to your questions and needs as time, help and funds permit. If you wish to help, respond or contribute to this work please contact Serf Publishing at:   serfpub@aol.com,

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